I am a creature who walks out from the fiery pit and spits white fire at the world. I am a cripple who is whole, and the Olympian who cannot stand. I experience joy and sorrow as the same thing, they are merely masks trying to cover each other. I am a fighter. I am a wanderer. I sit in the lap of nature, parallax to all else. I beg for answers to my question. She replies, "why?' If I am not myself, I am a symbol thereof. My name is unimportant, but it's John. Above all else, I am a lover.

I think I want to redo my tumblr.
What about it?



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Dammit. :/ I feel like I’m about to lose another person I love. I feel trapped.

I guess I’m stuck with me. :/ please, I don’t want to be broken again.

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